Summer Games Results
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Day 15: Saturday, August 11Saturday, August 11Saturday, August 11Saturday, August 11Saturday 11 AugustSaturday 11 AugustSaturday 11 AugustSunday 12 August
Women +67kg SemifinalsMilica Mandic SRBFinal*
Men +80kg Gold Medal FinalCarlo Molfetta ITAFinal
Men +80kg SemifinalsAnthony Obame GABFinal
Men +80kg SemifinalsCarlo Molfetta ITAFinal
Men +80kg Bronze Medal FinalsRobelis Despaigne CUBFinal
Men +80kg Bronze Medal FinalsXiaobo Liu CHNFinal
Men +80kg QuarterfinalsBahri Tanrikulu TURFinal
Men +80kg QuarterfinalsAnthony Obame GABFinal
Men +80kg QuarterfinalsCarlo Molfetta ITAFinal
Men +80kg QuarterfinalsModibo Keita MLIFinal
Men +80kg RepechageRobelis Despaigne CUBFinal
Men +80kg RepechageXiaobo Liu CHNFinal
Men +80kg Preliminary RoundDongmin Cha KORFinal
Men +80kg Preliminary RoundBahri Tanrikulu TURFinal
Men +80kg Preliminary RoundAnthony Obame GABFinal
Men +80kg Preliminary RoundRobelis Despaigne CUBFinal
Men +80kg Preliminary RoundCarlo Molfetta ITAFinal
Men +80kg Preliminary RoundXiaobo Liu CHNFinal
Men +80kg Preliminary RoundModibo Keita MLIFinal
Men +80kg Preliminary RoundFrancois Coulombe-Fortier CANFinal
Women +67kg Gold Medal FinalMilica Mandic SRBFinal
Women +67kg SemifinalsAnne-Caroline Graffe FRAFinal
Women +67kg Bronze Medal FinalsAnastasia Baryshnikova RUSFinal
Women +67kg Bronze Medal FinalsMaria del Rosario Espinoza MEXFinal
Women +67kg QuarterfinalsAnne-Caroline Graffe FRAFinal
Women +67kg QuarterfinalsGlenhis Hernandez CUBFinal
Women +67kg QuarterfinalsAnastasia Baryshnikova RUSFinal
Women +67kg QuarterfinalsMilica Mandic SRBFinal
Women +67kg RepechageIn Jong Lee KORFinal
Women +67kg RepechageMaria del Rosario Espinoza MEXFinal
Women +67kg Preliminary RoundAnne-Caroline Graffe FRAFinal
Women +67kg Preliminary RoundIn Jong Lee KORFinal
Women +67kg Preliminary RoundMaryna Konieva UKRFinal
Women +67kg Preliminary RoundGlenhis Hernandez CUBFinal
Women +67kg Preliminary RoundAnastasia Baryshnikova RUSFinal
Women +67kg Preliminary RoundNusa Rajher SLOFinal
Women +67kg Preliminary RoundMilica Mandic SRBFinal
Women +67kg Preliminary RoundMaria del Rosario Espinoza MEXFinal
Day 14: Friday, August 10Friday, August 10Friday, August 10Friday, August 10Friday 10 AugustFriday 10 AugustFriday 10 AugustSaturday 11 August
Men -80kg Gold Medal FinalSebastian Eduardo Crismanich ARGFinal
Men -80kg SemifinalsNicolas Garcia Hemme ESPFinal
Men -80kg SemifinalsSebastian Eduardo Crismanich ARGFinal
Men -80kg Bronze Medal FinalsLutalo Muhammad GBRFinal
Men -80kg Bronze Medal FinalsMauro Sarmiento ITAFinal
Men -80kg QuarterfinalsMauro Sarmiento ITAFinal
Men -80kg QuarterfinalsNicolas Garcia Hemme ESPFinal
Men -80kg QuarterfinalsArman Yeremyan ARMFinal
Men -80kg QuarterfinalsSebastian Eduardo Crismanich ARGFinal
Men -80kg RepechageLutalo Muhammad GBRFinal
Men -80kg RepechageNesar Ahmad Bahawi AFGFinal
Men -80kg Preliminary RoundRamin Azizov AZEFinal
Men -80kg Preliminary RoundMauro Sarmiento ITAFinal
Men -80kg Preliminary RoundNicolas Garcia Hemme ESPFinal
Men -80kg Preliminary RoundLutalo Muhammad GBRFinal
Men -80kg Preliminary RoundTommy Mollet NEDFinal
Men -80kg Preliminary RoundArman Yeremyan ARMFinal
Men -80kg Preliminary RoundSebastian Eduardo Crismanich ARGFinal
Men -80kg Preliminary RoundNesar Ahmad Bahawi AFGFinal
Women -67kg Gold Medal FinalKyung Seon Hwang KORFinal
Women -67kg SemifinalsNur Tatar TURFinal
Women -67kg SemifinalsKyung Seon Hwang KORFinal
Women -67kg Bronze Medal FinalsPaige Mcpherson USAFinal
Women -67kg Bronze Medal FinalsHelena Fromm GERFinal
Women -67kg QuarterfinalsCarmen Marton AUSFinal
Women -67kg QuarterfinalsNur Tatar TURFinal
Women -67kg QuarterfinalsKyung Seon Hwang KORFinal
Women -67kg QuarterfinalsFranka Anic SLOFinal
Women -67kg RepechagePaige Mcpherson USAFinal
Women -67kg RepechageHelena Fromm GERFinal
Women -67kg Preliminary RoundElin Johansson SWEFinal
Women -67kg Preliminary RoundCarmen Marton AUSFinal
Women -67kg Preliminary RoundNur Tatar TURFinal
Women -67kg Preliminary RoundPaige Mcpherson USAFinal
Women -67kg Preliminary RoundKyung Seon Hwang KORFinal
Women -67kg Preliminary RoundHelena Fromm GERFinal
Women -67kg Preliminary RoundFranka Anic SLOFinal
Women -67kg Preliminary RoundKarine Sergerie CANFinal
Day 13: Thursday, August 9Thursday, August 9Thursday, August 9Thursday, August 9Thursday 9 AugustThursday 9 AugustThursday 9 AugustFriday 10 August
Men -68kg Gold Medal FinalServet Tazegul TURFinal
Men -68kg SemifinalsServet Tazegul TURFinal
Men -68kg SemifinalsMohammad Bagheri Motamed IRIFinal
Men -68kg Bronze Medal FinalsTerrence Jennings USAFinal
Men -68kg Bronze Medal FinalsRohullah Nikpai AFGFinal
Men -68kg QuarterfinalsServet Tazegul TURFinal
Men -68kg QuarterfinalsMartin Stamper GBRFinal
Men -68kg QuarterfinalsDiogo Silva BRAFinal
Men -68kg QuarterfinalsMohammad Bagheri Motamed IRIFinal
Men -68kg RepechageTerrence Jennings USAFinal
Men -68kg RepechageRohullah Nikpai AFGFinal
Men -68kg Preliminary RoundServet Tazegul TURFinal
Men -68kg Preliminary RoundHryhorii Husarov UKRFinal
Men -68kg Preliminary RoundDamir Fejzic SRBFinal
Men -68kg Preliminary RoundMartin Stamper GBRFinal
Men -68kg Preliminary RoundMohammad Abulibdeh JORFinal
Men -68kg Preliminary RoundDiogo Silva BRAFinal
Men -68kg Preliminary RoundRohullah Nikpai AFGFinal
Men -68kg Preliminary RoundMohammad Bagheri Motamed IRIFinal
Women -57kg Gold Medal FinalJade Jones GBRFinal
Women -57kg SemifinalsJade Jones GBRFinal
Women -57kg SemifinalsYuzhuo Hou CHNFinal
Women -57kg Bronze Medal FinalsMarlene Harnois FRAFinal
Women -57kg Bronze Medal FinalsLi-Cheng Tseng TPEFinal
Women -57kg QuarterfinalsLi-Cheng Tseng TPEFinal
Women -57kg QuarterfinalsJade Jones GBRFinal
Women -57kg QuarterfinalsMarlene Harnois FRAFinal
Women -57kg QuarterfinalsYuzhuo Hou CHNFinal
Women -57kg RepechageMayu Hamada JPNFinal
Women -57kg RepechageSuvi Mikkonen FINFinal
Women -57kg Preliminary RoundLi-Cheng Tseng TPEFinal
Women -57kg Preliminary RoundAndrea Paoli LIBFinal
Women -57kg Preliminary RoundMayu Hamada JPNFinal
Women -57kg Preliminary RoundJade Jones GBRFinal
Women -57kg Preliminary RoundHedaya Wahba EGYFinal
Women -57kg Preliminary RoundMarlene Harnois FRAFinal
Women -57kg Preliminary RoundSuvi Mikkonen FINFinal
Women -57kg Preliminary RoundYuzhuo Hou CHNFinal
Day 12: Wednesday, August 8Wednesday, August 8Wednesday, August 8Wednesday, August 8Wednesday 8 AugustWednesday 8 AugustWednesday 8 AugustThursday 9 August
Men -58kg Gold Medal FinalJoel Gonzalez Bonilla ESPFinal
Men -58kg SemifinalsJoel Gonzalez Bonilla ESPFinal
Men -58kg SemifinalsDaehoon Lee KORFinal
Men -58kg Bronze Medal FinalsAlexey Denisenko RUSFinal
Men -58kg Bronze Medal FinalsOscar Munoz Oviedo COLFinal
Men -58kg QuarterfinalsJoel Gonzalez Bonilla ESPFinal
Men -58kg QuarterfinalsOscar Munoz Oviedo COLFinal
Men -58kg QuarterfinalsDaehoon Lee KORFinal
Men -58kg QuarterfinalsAlexey Denisenko RUSFinal
Men -58kg RepechageSafwan Khalil AUSFinal
Men -58kg RepechagePen-Ek Karaket THAFinal
Men -58kg Preliminary RoundJoel Gonzalez Bonilla ESPFinal
Men -58kg Preliminary RoundSafwan Khalil AUSFinal
Men -58kg Preliminary RoundOscar Munoz Oviedo COLFinal
Men -58kg Preliminary RoundTameem Mohammed Ahmed Al-Kubati YEMFinal
Men -58kg Preliminary RoundDaehoon Lee KORFinal
Men -58kg Preliminary RoundTamer Bayoumi EGYFinal
Men -58kg Preliminary RoundAlexey Denisenko RUSFinal
Men -58kg Preliminary RoundChen-Yang Wei TPEFinal
Women -49kg Gold Medal FinalJingyu Wu CHNFinal
Women -49kg SemifinalsJingyu Wu CHNFinal
Women -49kg SemifinalsBrigitte Yague Enrique ESPFinal
Women -49kg Bronze Medal FinalsChanatip Sonkham THAFinal
Women -49kg Bronze Medal FinalsLucija Zaninovic CROFinal
Women -49kg QuarterfinalsJingyu Wu CHNFinal
Women -49kg QuarterfinalsLucija Zaninovic CROFinal
Women -49kg QuarterfinalsBrigitte Yague Enrique ESPFinal
Women -49kg QuarterfinalsChanatip Sonkham THAFinal
Women -49kg RepechageElizabeth Zamora Gordillo GUAFinal
Women -49kg RepechageJannet Alegria Pena MEXFinal
Women -49kg Preliminary RoundJingyu Wu CHNFinal
Women -49kg Preliminary RoundErika Kasahara JPNFinal
Women -49kg Preliminary RoundLucija Zaninovic CROFinal
Women -49kg Preliminary RoundCarola Malvina Lopez Rodriguez ARGFinal
Women -49kg Preliminary RoundBrigitte Yague Enrique ESPFinal
Women -49kg Preliminary RoundJannet Alegria Pena MEXFinal
Women -49kg Preliminary RoundChanatip Sonkham THAFinal
Women -49kg Preliminary RoundShu-Chun Yang TPEFinal
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